guitar strings at their tips are sharp and hard, like little needles dangling from the head of one, excess wire that ought to be trimmed. some lazy people don’t cut them just because, and others dont have wirecutters so there they often dangle. stringing a guitar is like sewing, thimbles for  fingers but dont have them so they get poked and bleed and i think about king tut and shaving nicks and curses and staph infection and the pain of death. wires under nails, jammed sometimes if you arent careful, that fragile nail bed, quick with life, punctured and frustratingly buffered from soothing by its own keratin. not just nail beds but earholes and eyeholes too; those fatal strings can easily slice the membrane of your retina and leave you scratched or worse. then there’s the utter potentiality of string down the dickhole; that seems far fetched, but it’s as easy as walking by the guitar on its stand after the shower, an errant tip, as freak and unlikely as it is, directly into yours……………

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